This feature is only available to UK users.

Share the task of getting scores and results into your league by getting Team Administrators to enter them via SMS text messages from their phones.

How it works

Team Administrators get an SMS prompt message sent to their phone from LeagueRepublic 15 minutes after the match starts, they can reply to this SMS prompt message after the match has finished with the final scores. This result is then used to update the match in the league system.

League Administrators can either manually approve the results before they appear on the public league website or have results auto-approved which means the site will be updated straight away.


You can create Team Administrators in:

People > List People > Team Administrators > Create new

Then add them as SMS contacts in: 

Results > SMS > Teams


SMS text message result entry prompts cost just 5p each.

Bundles start from £5.00 for 100 SMS text messages.

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