Once you have created some matches you can start entering scores. We have a flexible system for result entry. In this article we explain who can enter scores, our approval and locking system and how scores can be entered.

Who can enter scores

Scores can be entered by league admins, team admins and referees. For singles leagues (in darts / pool leagues etc), players are team admins for themselves so singles players can enter scores.

As a league admin you can make your life a lot easier by setting up team admins to enter results and stats. Getting them to enter rather than you saves you time, it also gets results onto your website faster.

Some league admins tell us that they don't trust their team admins to enter the scores as they will mess it up and want to do all the work themselves. Our reply to this is

1/ Incorrectly entered scores and stats polices itself. If a team is putting down false results / stats - the other team will tell you about it.

2/ You have the ability to approve results before they affect the table and can also lock out results so they can no longer be changed. This is discussed later in this article.

Approval and Locking

Approval - if you enable results approval then results won't be shown until they are approved and standings won't be adjusted until the result is approved.

Locking - If you enable locking you can lock results so that they can no longer be changed by team admins. If your matches take place on a Saturday you might lock out the results the next day on the Sunday so they can't be changed. 

Use Setup > Settings > Approval and Locking to setup approval / locking.

How scores can be entered.

1/ League admins via web

League admins can enter results in Results

2/ Team admins via web

Team admins can enter results for their teams only in Results

3/ SMS

Results can be entered via SMS in the UK if you are on Silver. There is a cost for each SMS prompt message that has been sent.

4/ Referees via web

Referees can enter results for matches they have been assigned to in My Referee Reports.

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