Referee match reports are part of the Silver and Gold plans.

1/ The first step is to enable official / referee assignment and then assign them to matches

2/ Create the questions that you want referees to answer in Setup > Referee Report Questions Setup. The answers to these questions can be set up to be in three different formats: Yes / No, Number or Free Text.

3/ Once officials / referees have been assigned to matches they will be able to view a list of their matches in +/- 7days in Admin Home. To view a full list of matches they need to click on View All Referee Reports or Referees.

By clicking on Edit for a match, officials / referees can submit scores and answer the questions in the match report. They can also 'flag' a report if it needs the attention of the League Administrators. The report is then highlighted when reviewing results.

4/ League Administrators can view and lock (to prevent further changes) referee match reports via the Results page.

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