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Creating a new person and making them a Team Administrator

Create People in the system with the role 'Team Administrator'.

People > List People > Team Administrators

Then press the button 'Create New'.

Enter their details, add the role of Team Administrator to them. You also need to add an email address to them and check the box to 'send login invite'.

Then press create - they will then receive an email from us with a link in it to create their own LeagueRepublic account and after doing so, they will be able to access the admin pages for your league as a Team Administrator.

Making an existing person a Team Administrator

If the person already exists in the system then you shouldn't create a new person, you just need to add the Team Administrator role to this person. 

Find the person in:

People > Search

Click Edit on the person, then click on the link 'Change Organisation Roles' and add a team admin role, then invite them.

Note: Singles, Doubles and Triples players are automatically given the Team Administrator roles by default. All you have to do is add an email address to them and send them a login invite.

Team Administrator Security Settings

To control what they can or can not do go to:

Setup > Settings > Roles

Then click on 'Override' next to the role.

In addition you can also define how they can enter results and statistics in:

Setup > Settings > League Options (tab) > Team Admin Results and Matches Options (tab)

Singles Players

Singles players are automatically team administrators for themselves. If you give them a login then they get the rights to use the app / enter results

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