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There are several ways to create players on teams

To manually create new or add existing players to a team is to use the Team Squad page.

Firstly go to the 'Manage Teams' page by either clicking on 'Manage' next to your division or by using the main menu: People > List People > Players, then select the team you want to add players to.

Creating new players

On the Manage Teams page you'll see the list of teams that are in this division. Click on the 'Team Squad' button next to the team you wish to see the players for.

Then, on the Team Squad page you'll either see a list of players or a message saying there are no players on this team.

Click on the button, 'Create New Players'.

On this page you simply add the player's first name and last name, and press create, you can create up to 6 at a time.

Adding an existing person as a player on a team

Follow the same steps above but instead of entering the persons name, use the 'Search' tab instead and search for that person and then press the 'Add' button to add them to this team.

This person will then have a player role added to them for this particular team.


You get people into teams as players by using our registration system:

Spreadsheet upload

You can also upload them from a spreadsheet in:
People > Spreadsheet Upload

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