When preparing for a new season you might need to update the squad of players for a team as some may have quit or may have been transferred to another team.

Step 1

In your new latest season, after adding an existing team to a division, you need to use the Team Squad page to manage the players that will be in the team for the new season.

Step 2

Go to the Manage Teams page by clicking on 'Manage' next to your division.
Then on the Manage Teams page you'll see the list of teams that are in this division. Click on the Team Squad button next to the team you wish to see the players for.

On the Team Squad page you'll see a list of players. select the players that will not be on the team in this latest season by clicking on the checkboxes next to those players and finally click on the button 'Remove'.

Step 3

You'll then be taken to the Remove Players from Team page, on here you need to select the option to 'Set their closing date to be the end of last season'.

This will mean that those players will be removed from the team in the latest season, but will still be on the team in the previous season or seasons. Their closing date will be set to the last day of the previous season.

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