So you have finished your first season and want to start your next. You should be starting your next season within your existing league and re-use the data that you have already used for your last season and keep the same domain name.

We suggest you make your new season hidden whilst you set it up. This stops your players looking at the schedule / setup before you have finished it.

In order to make the new season the 'Default' season, the season must have at least 1 division or tournament added to it, with at least 2 teams in it. We force this or else the season can't be shown on the public league site.

Here is a scenario with our suggested steps to create a new season in a league:

Go to Setup > Seasons

1/ 2018 season has completed - so leave as the 'Default' season for now.

2/ Create a new season, 2019 and hide it.

3/ Setup your divisions and cups and your schedule for 2019. There is a drop down of seasons on ADMIN HOME, make sure you have the correct one selected so that you are working in the new season!

4/ Edit the 2019 season and un-hide it and then make it the 'Default'.

Divisions and teams for a new season

You shouldn't create new divisions and teams for each season, if a team already exists then add that team rather than creating a new one.

People and new seasons

Players are not assigned to teams on a season by season basis. They are assigned to be on a team with an optional date range. You shouldn't be creating a duplicate set of players each season. Check out the people help for more details.

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