Firstly, a couple of questions:

1. Are you creating a singles league where your teams = 1 player i.e. 2 people just play in each match?

NO → Check out how to create a FIFA Pro Clubs league instead

2. Do you have a list of players that are going to play in your league or at least 2 so that you can try the system?

NO → Come back when you have your list of players

YES → OK, great - you know your players, what is the format going to be?

  • a Division (like the premier league)

  • a Tournament (like the FA cup)

  • Group stages then knockout (like the Champions League)

For this example we will set up a division.

So, you've signed up, followed the steps to start creating your league and you were brought to the Create a Competition page.

1. Creating a division

Press Create Division.

In the next page, enter the division name and select the type of participants, 'Singles'.

2. Adding players

In Admin Home, click on 'Add Teams' to add the players to the division.

If players use nicknames, we suggest that you enter a . (dot) in their Last Name field.

Once you've created the player, you can edit them,

remove the dot and check the option 'Use Overridden Singles Player Name'.

When you've added 2 or more players your league site will come up.
In Admin Home you will be able to access all options on the left hand side of the page. Click on View Site in the menu.

3. Scheduling matches

Generate your schedule in Schedule > Scheduler Tools > Template Scheduler

A) You can get all matches to be played at exactly a date and time, just have a date and time on the matches.

B) You can tell the players that they must play matches BEFORE the date and time on the matches.

C) If you don't know yet when matches are going to be played, you can schedule a complete set of matches and then mass update their date status to be 'To Be Confirmed'.
In Schedule > Manage Matches, select the matches and click on the 'Actions' button to 'change date status'.

When the players schedule the matches themselves they can then change the date and time (assuming you have setup security to do this in Setup > Settings > League Options > Team Admin Results And Matches Options).

4. Review what you want the players to be able to do

Singles players are automatically team administrators for themselves. If you give them a login then they get the right to enter results.
In Admin Home click on the number of 'Teams' for the division, then on the Manage Singles Players page click on the link 'Edit Person' for a player, add their email address, check the box 'Send Login Invite?' and press Update.

You can allow them to change their matches' dates, times or status in Setup > Settings > League Options > Team Admin Results And Matches Options.

Also, check your Approval and Locking options in Setup > Settings > League Options > Approval and Locking.

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