How registration campaigns work.

A registration campaign allows people to register themselves or their team for divisions and competitions in your league.

Get people and money (optional) in to your league easily, with our league registration software. All they have to do is click on a link on your league site and they will then be able to register online.

They will then create a LeagueRepublic account or sign in, register themselves or their team.

You can then easily accept or decline these registrations and add them to your league divisions and competitions.

Designing registration campaigns.

Create custom fields in your registration form so people registering can upload documents, images and answer any questions that you need.

Use the “Registration Form Builder” Tab after editing or creating a campaign.

Registration fees and payments.

You can also take payments for online player registration and team registration for your league.

If you connect your league with Stripe, our payment processing partner, you can allow people to register and pay via debit or credit card online in one easy step. The money goes directly into your bank account, safely and securely.

How much does it cost to take payments via LeagueRepublic and Stripe?

LeagueRepublic fees are just 2% per transaction with no setup fees, Stripe fees vary by country and currency but are always highly competitive.

You also have the option to pass on these fees to be paid by the payee by adding your own payment processing fee.

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