LeagueRepublic API is part of the Gold plan.


Our league data API allows web developers to use data created and maintained in a LeagueRepublic league within an external website or application.

It's the ideal solution for web developers who need to create a league website for a client without having to code an entire league administration system.


To use this API you will need:

  • knowledge of processing JSON data retrieved from an API in a web application

  • to have created a league in LeagueRepublic

  • to have taken out a Gold trial or plan for that league

Using the API

Step 1

Sign up to LeagueRepublic and create your league, if you have not done so already. You will also need to be on a Gold trial or plan in order to access the API. Once your league is setup you will be able to use the API to retrieve data and then process it in your own web application.

Step 2

Use the LeagueRepublic API Reference document to begin learning how to access the API and what objects are returned from the endpoints. The API data is returned in JSON format.

Step 3

You should now be able to call the URLs detailed in the API Reference document and begin coding in your own application to display the data however you want.

Note: LeagueRepublic does not offer a service to code your custom web application using the LeagueRepublic API. You will need to source your own web developer for this task if you do not have the skills yourself.

Alternative Options

1 - If using the API is above your current skill set or budget then why not try our Code Snippets, a quick and easy way to display standings, results and matches in your own website with no coding skills required.

Find out more about Code Snippets here.

2 - Your other choice is to use the free league website that LeagueRepublic offers all leagues who set up with us. It's free to use with unlimited hosting and storage, you can even upgrade to use your own domain name and remove all advertisements.

Find out more about Site Builder here.

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