Code Snippets are part of the Gold plan.

You can add a table / standings, a list of upcoming matches or a list of recent results to pages in your own Wordpress website using our Code Snippets.

If you haven't created your Code Snippet yet, then read this article first.

In your Wordpress site dashboard, go to 'Pages'.

Click on the page you want to add your LeagueRepublic Code Snippet to.

Toggle the block inserter side bar menu if it's not open.

Then scroll down to Widgets and click on 'Custom HTML'.

Paste the Code Snippet that you created in LeagueRepublic into the window and press 'Update'.

Note: If you are using a Wordpress hosted website then you will need to be on their Pro plan in to order to paste in Javascript using the Custom HTML widget.

You can now preview your changes and the Code Snippet should display in your page.

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