Code Snippets are part of the Gold plan.

What are Code Snippets?

Code Snippets allow you to display the following data from your league:

  • tables / standings

  • recent results

  • upcoming matches

  • team matches and results

  • player statistics

in your own website outside of LeagueRepublic.

They are small pieces of HTML and JavaScript that you can paste into your own HTML pages. Once generated they will automatically update the content within them without you having to change the code.

How to generate a Code Snippet:

In your LeagueRepublic admin menu, click on: Code Snippets

Having trouble finding this? Then check out this article: I can't find code snippets for my league

Step 1 - Create your theme

Enter your chosen theme description and press Create.

Then select the colour and customise the settings to meet your needs. Press Next Step to create the code snippet.

Step 2 - Create your code snippet

Select from the five available types

then create the code snippet.

Step 3 - Add the code to your own website

Copy the HTML code and paste it into your own webpage in the position you want the code snippet to appear.

More guides on adding a Code Snippet to your website.

Code Snippet Ownership

Code snippets are owned by the person who created them and can only be edited by that person. You can transfer ownership of someone else's code snippets to another user in your league. You might need to do this if the person who created them has left the league.

Code Snippets > All League Code Snippets > Transfer Ownership

You can also claim ownership of an existing legacy code snippet in:

Code Snippets > My Code Snippets > Import Legacy Code Snippet

It must have been created for your league and has not already been claimed by another user. Once claimed, you will be able to update and change the code snippet in My Code Snippets. All you will need is the Code Snippet ID and to have created at least one theme.

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