Player stats are part of the Bronze plan.

You can record and display stats about a match. Here is an example of 

started and bench players
player numbers and player positions
player profile pic (well 1 in this example)

This chart is automatically drawn based on entered information.

In addition the following information is also recorded

Stats are then rolled up for a season and ranked

To set this up follow these steps

1/ Setup > Stat Setup > Individual Stat Types

Setup like the following screen shot

a/ Add the stat types that you want to record or create your own
b/ Check enable player positions if you want to record player positions
c/ Check started if you want to record players who started
d/ Check bench if you want to record players who started on the bench

Note that player positions / started and bench can be entered by league or team admins in advance of the match taking place

e/ Check appearances if you want the system to automatically calculate whether a player had an appearance based on any stats being entered for that player

2/ People > List People > Players
You then  need to make sure that you have some players in the system.
You can also add player profile pics on the squad page.

3/ Results
Where you enter the score click on the 'Enter Statistics' button to enter the stats.

Started / bench / player position data is shown on the site BEFORE a match is approved.

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