This is a basic guide on how to setup a league on LeagueRepublic.

Here is a short video on our basic setup:

We recommend you follow these steps:

1. Enter basic league information and select a plan trial

You can do this from our home page and follow the setup through to creating your first season and choosing a plan trial.

2. Setup Divisions / Tournaments and add teams to them

Choose the format for your league by setting up divisions and / or tournaments. Then add teams to them. Check out this article: 

For singles and doubles divisions or tournaments (where 1 player or 2 players are the team) then select the team type option "singles" or "doubles".

Once you have created a division or tournament with teams all of the other menu options will be unlocked.

You can now view your public site by clicking on the "View Site" button in the menu.

3. Schedule your matches

Division Matches

  • Matches can be uploaded in a spreadsheet:
    Using the main menu: Schedule > Create Matches > Spreadsheet Upload

  • Manually create entered in:
    Schedule > Create Matches > Manual Division Matches

Tournament Matches

Matches for tournaments (including group stages) get created within the tournament system. Tournament matches will get automatically created when teams advance from one round to the next.

4. Decide on your result approval system

Visit the options for results locking and approval in:

Setup > Settings > Approval and Locking

  • Decide whether you want results to be approved by a league administrator before they are shown as a final score and adjust the table / standings.

  • Decide whether you want to lock matches so that results can no longer be changed.

5. Enter some results and check scoring system

Enter some results for matches that have been created going to "Results" in the main menu.

Make sure you approve them if you have approval enabled.

Click on "View Site" from the menu and the table / standings will be updated.

You can change the way the standings are displayed and how it is ranked in:

Setup > Standings Setup

Check out this article on changing the scoring system 

6. Create administrators

To create additional league administrators with the same rights as you read - do not share your sign in credentials!

If you want to create team administrators to enter results then

7. Create some Site Builder content

Create some news articles in:

Site Builder > News

8. Create players

You can create players on teams via creating registration campaigns, uploading players via a spreadsheet and by manually creating them on the squad page, details are here 

9. Start recording player stats

For stat setup guides visit:

NOTE: For details on the scoring and statistics setup for specific sports, please read:

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