This article details the typical statistics setup for a snooker league. For all other aspects including scheduling, site builder, etc, please refer to the general Getting started guide.

Player stats are part of the Bronze plan.

Most team snooker leagues want to record the score for each frame i.e. the player versus player score and also record high breaks.

If you had 5 frames per match then your match results would look like this

and from this the system will work our player leaders for players in all teams looking like this

and highest break leaders like this

To set this up take the following steps:

1/ Setup > Stat Setup > Game Formats

create a new game format called say "Format1" and say YES you want to record the score

then add 1 game group
Description: frames
Short Description: FRAM
Number of Games: If 5 frames per match then enter 5
Number of players per team: 1 (as only singles frames)
Sequence: 1

Then click on Add New

2/ Setup > Stat Setup > Individual Stat Types

check "High Break" and press Add.

You then  need to make sure that you have some players in the system.

You can create people and make them players in a team by going to:
People > List People > Player - then press the 'Create New' button.
Fill in their name and which team you want to make them a player for.

After you have got all your players in the system you will be able to record these statistics when entering scores for matches by clicking on the button 'Enter Statistics' for a match in the result entry page.

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