Live Results Overview

The Live Results page lets your league members stay up-to-date with the latest match results as they are happening.

Scores entered via the league administration system on the web can be marked as a 'Latest score' when they are entered.

Results with 'Latest scores' do not affect the standings displays and do not show in the approved results displays until they are changed to a 'Final score' and approved.

Result Approval

If your league has to approve results then they will need to be approved by a League Administrator before they are shown on the official result and standings displays.

If your league uses auto-approval for results, then they will show on the official results displays and the standings will be updated as soon as the score type is set to 'Final Score'.

Which matches show on the Live Results page?

If a match falls in to one or more of the following categories then it will show on the Live Results page:

  1. The score has been entered as a 'Latest Score'

  2. Game Format stats have been entered

  3. The final score has been entered but it is still unapproved

The Live Results page will also list the other matches that are happening that day in the same division or tournament. We do this so that someone viewing the page gets to see the whole day's list of matches in one place.

Disabling Live Results

Live Results are automatically enabled for all leagues except Cricket leagues.

You can disable Live Results in:

Setup > Settings > General Site Settings (tab)

Then uncheck the check box labelled:  Enable Live Results

Any matches that have a 'Latest score' entered instead of a  'Final Score' will have the scores deleted when you disable Live Results.

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