Step 1: Create a knockout cup

If you need to create a new Cup follow step 1, otherwise skip to step 2.

In Admin Home click on the button: "create a division or cup"

Create a knockout cup.

Initially you create the cup without the elimination part.

Step 2: Add a new stage to the Cup

On the Cup Summary page press the button:
'Edit / hide cup'

Then click on the link in:  'To create, edit or delete stages Click here'

Click on the button, 'Create new' to create a new elimination stage in your Cup, name it and follow the instructions in the page.

After creating the new stage, select it using the 'Stage' dropdown in the Cup Summary page, then go to the 'Entrants' tab.

Click on "override round entrants button" and select how entrants (teams) will enter this stage of the Cup, for example you could select that the entrants will come from 'stage 1 round 1 Position 2 (losers)'

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