Teams will only advance to the next round if the 'Advance Positions' have been set.

  • Go to the 'Matches' tab for your Group Stage Tournament

  • Press on the tab: 'Group Stage Matches'

  • Once all the matches have been played and you know how the winning team or teams are, you can select their 'Advance Position'

  • Press update

  • Repeat this for all groups

Next, check your round advancement settings

In the 'Rounds' page make sure that you have the correct advancement settings, by default only position 1 teams go through to the Knockout Stage, you might want teams that finish second place in a group also advance into the Knockout Stage.

  • To change this click on the link: 'change how teams enter this round' for the first round of your Knockout Stage

  • In the dropdown select 'Stage: Group Stage, Round: Group Stage, Position: 2' 

  • Then press 'Add'

Now 2 teams from each group will progress into the Knockout Stage.

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