You can create and edit Honours  and Timeline content for your league in:

Site Builder > About League - then use the tabs.

A link to these pages is shown underneath the 'About the League' content on your league home page - you will need to have entered some text content for the 'About the League' section in order for this button to show on the home page.


You can create different honours using 'Honours Types', so for example an Honours Type could be Division One.

You can then add the individual honours to the honours type - press the button 'Add New Honours'

Each honours should consist of a team's name and each year that they either won the league or were a runner up.

Honours example:

Team/Club Name: Team Awesome FC
Winners Title: Champions
Winners Year: 2009, 2011, 2017
Runners Up Title: Runners Up
Runners Up Year: 2010

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