You can create news reports by going to:

Site Builder  > News 

Then press the button: Create New

You can then add text content for the news report.


A news report contains 3 main sections, a title, abstract and body.

The title should be a relatively short and concise headline.

The abstract is a brief description or synopsis of what the news report is about.

The body should contain the majority of the content of the report.

Images and Videos

You can also add images or videos to the news report , if you don't then the system will add a random sports image to the news report for you.

Use the 'Media' tab to add images and videos. There are 2 sections within the news report to add images and videos. 

The first section is at the top of the news report.

The second section is in the middle of the body content.


You should then 'tag' the news report to different pages on the league website. Tagging the news report to the 'League' will make it appear on the league home page of the website, tagging to a competition (division or tournament)  will make it show on the competition's page on the website.

Posting to a Facebook Page

News reports will automatically post to your Facebook Page if you have set this up, find out more here:

Take a look at the following video demo

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