Go to Schedule > Manually Create > Spreadsheet Upload and download the template to get the format for the upload.

Fill in the template with data and then upload.

Some considerations when preparing the spreadsheet for upload:

1/ The format has to exactly match the provided template

2/ make sure the format is a CSV (comma separated format)

If you are having problems then try this site to check you have created a CSV file http://csvlint.io/

3/  Match Date and Time

A date and time must be entered for each match.
Date: enter as dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 04/06/2014
Time: enter as HH:MM - e.g. 09:30 for 9.30 am, 15:00 for 3 pm.

4/ Venue and Sub-Venue

3 options:

a) Leave Venue and Sub-Venue Both Blank
If you leave the venue and sub-venue both empty the system will use the highest priority sub-venue for the home team.

b) Specify Venue and leave Sub-Venue Blank
If you specify any unique part of the venue name and leave the sub-venue blank, the system will firstly try and find that venue. If it finds 0 or more than 1 venue an error will be highlighted. It will use the highest priority sub-venue for that venue.

c) Specify Venue and Sub-Venue
The system will try and identify a unique venue and sub-venue based on the entered values

5/ Teams

A match must have both a home team and away team.

The value in the home team and road team can be EITHER a valid team short code OR any part of the team name which makes the team unique. 

e.g. if you have two teams "Valley A" and "Valley B" the term "Valley" is not unique and will return an error. If you have two teams "Valley" and "Valley Reserves" then "Valley" is unique and valid.

6/ Scores

Either no score or both home and away scores may be entered in respect of each match.

Results are approved if the check box for automatic approval was checked.

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