Our sports league schedule maker will schedule round-robin format competition. A round-robin format is also known as a league or division format.

A team round-robin schedule has each participant playing every other participant a number of times.

For a single round-robin, all teams play each other once, a double round-robin twice. Our schedule maker can schedule all teams to play each other between 1 and 4 times.

The following covers the criteria used by our league schedule generator:

Scheduling Duration

This is example is for 8 teams. As you can see 8 teams will play over 7 weeks (or 7 match days). There will be a total of 28 matches

For scheduling purposes divisions with an odd number of teams in them will be scheduled to the same duration as + 1 teams. A 7 team division will also schedule over 7 weeks as each week one team will get a bye.

Venue Sharing

If you have two teams that share the same venue then you will not want these teams to be playing at home in the same week. In the example above you can see that teams 1 and 5 play at home in week one.

If you study the chart you will say that these 4 pairs never play at home the same week 1 & 3, 2 & 5, 4 & 7, 6 & 8

Inter-Division Matches

Inter division matches are referred to matches that take place between teams in different divisions with the results contributing to the standings of the separate divisions.

For example, if you have 2 divisions of 4 teams.

Division 1 has A, B, C, D

Division 2 has W, X, Y, Z

If each team was to play each team outside its division once then they would have 4 matches each. For example A-W, X-A, A-Y and A-Z

Staggered Starts

Sometimes you can't always schedule all matches to take place at the same time every week. In the 8 team league schedule above you will see that there are 4 matches for the same match date.

If you only have 2 venues then you might want to schedule 2 matches at 6 pm and 2 matches at 8 pm. You might want to schedule 2 matches on Tuesday at 6 pm and 2 matches on Wednesday at 6 pm.

General Availability

Sometimes venues or teams are unavailable to play at certain times. Venue A might be unavailable on a Tuesday and venue B might be unavailable on a Wednesday.

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