How to set up a sports league with 2 divisions in 5 minutes

Watch how LeagueRepublic enables you to create a sports league schedule and website in minutes. 

Which scheduler to use - template or advanced?

Whether to use the LeagueRepublic advanced or template based scheduler for scheduling division schedules (Round Robin Schedules) plus other options for loading a schedule either manually or via a spreadsheet.

Advanced scheduler - multiple divisions with venue sharing

How to use the LeagueRepublic advanced scheduling program to schedule 2 divisions of different sizes with venue sharing between. Round robin schedules. Make a schedule for 6 team and a 4 team division with shared venues between divisions.

Advanced scheduler - scheduling at a single venue

How to create a schedule for 2 divisions of 6 teams all playing at the same venue which has 2 sub venues (pitches / fields / tables / boards). Matches must take place at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm - 6 matches per night over 10 weeks.

Uploading matches / a schedule from a spreadsheet into LeagueRepublic

How to load matches into a league in LeagueRepublic from a spreadsheet.

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