This article details the typical scoring setup for a baseball or softball league. For all other aspects including scheduling, site builder, etc, please refer to the general Getting started guide.

How to enable innings for your Baseball or Softball league

If innings haven’t been enabled by default for your league go to:

Setup > Score Entry Options

In the playing periods section, check the box: Enter scores for innings and runs in team matches

And then set the number of innings required, for Baseball the default is 9 and Softball is 7.

Entering runs for each innings in a Baseball or Softball game

Go to Results

For each match you can enter the runs scored in each innings as well as the final score.

You can also add extra innings by clicking on the blue plus icon button.

baseball game score entry page

The runs scored within each innings is then displayed along with the final score on your league website. For example in the match page:

The match page in a LeagueRepublic baseball league website

Runs are shown on the league table / standings

By default, Baseball or Softball leagues now get the following columns added to the table / standings:

  • Runs Scored

  • Runs Allowed

  • Run Differential

If you are an older league you can set this up in:

Setup > Standings

In the Layout page, scroll down to the Add column section.

The columns will be listed there, click the Add button to add them to your table / standings. Then rearrange the order of the columns to suit your needs.

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