Linking your Facebook Page to your LeagueRepublic league website will allow you to automatically post news reports and result summaries directly to your Facebook Page.

Note: We only support posting to Facebook Pages, not Facebook Personal Profiles or Facebook Groups.

Do you already sign in to LeagueRepublic using a Facebook Login?

No - continue to Step 1.

Yes - then skip to Step 2.

Step 1

Add a Facebook Login to your LeagueRepublic login.

Note: This Facebook Login must be a 'Page Manager' for the Facebook Page you want to post to.

Log into LeagueRepublic with your username and password for your LeagueRepublic account, then go to My Account and go to:

Settings > Facebook > Add Facebook

Then you enter the login details for your Facebook account and once complete, logout of LeagueRepublic using the Sign Out link.

Step 2

Sign in to LeagueRepublic using your Facebook Login by clicking on the blue Facebook button: 'Click Here to Login Using a Facebook Account'.

Then go in to League Admin for the league, then go to:

Setup > Settings > Facebook Settings

Click on the button: 'Allow posts to Facebook'

Step 3

Follow the instructions within Make sure you select the Facebook Page that you want us to post to and leave all other options selected.

Then you will be sent back to LeagueRepublic My Account page.

Step 4

Go back into League Admin and go to:

Setup > Settings > Facebook Settings

Now you should see a dropdown on the page that will contain your Facebook Page, select your Facebook Page and press 'Update'.

And that's it, any time you create news reports and enter results, they will be posted to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Page Posting Options

You can disable either news reports or result summaries from being posted to your Facebook Page using the checkboxes in:

Setup > Settings > Facebook Settings

Remove Facebook Page from your league website

To stop posting to your Facebook Page and remove the link from your LeagueRepublic site, go to:

Setup > Settings > Facebook Settings

Click on the button: 'Remove Linked Page'.

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