In order to link a LeagueRepublic league website to a Facebook Page you need to do the following:

We only support posting to Facebook Pages, not Facebook Personal Profiles or Facebook Groups.

Make sure you are logged out of Facebook whilst doing this, check by going to - then logging out if you are already logged in to Facebook .

First thing you need to add a Facebook Login to your LeagueRepublic Login. This Facebook Login must be a 'Page Manager' for the Facebook Page you want to post to.

You then add the Facebook Login to your LeagueRepublic Login by logging into LeagueRepublic with a username and password for the LeagueRepublic login, then go to My Account and go to Settings > Facebook then you enter the login details for your Facebook Login.

You then need to logout of LeagueRepublic and log back in by clicking on the blue button: 'Click Here to Login Using a Facebook Account'.

Once you have done this go in to the League Admin for the league, go to Setup > Settings > Facebook Settings

Then follow the instructions to link to a Facebook Page, it should be in a drop-down list on the page.

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