From Admin Home, click on the 'Manage' button next to the division that you want to add Promotion and Relegation information for,  then click on the tab 'Division Settings'.

You can then add or change the settings in the Division Settings page: 

Promotion and Relegation zones
First you need to set up the zones, these settings will draw the lines on the table to show which positions a team needs to finish in to either be promoted or relegated.

You can also highlight when a team has confirmed as either Champion, Promoted or Relegated. This highlights the team in the table and showing either a star, green up arrow or red down arrow.

There are 2 modes to set the highlighting of a team, Auto or Manual.

Auto Mode
If you use this the system will try to automatically work out when a team has become either Champion, Promoted or Relegated based on the results of all the previous matches, and the best possible result all teams can get in the remaining matches.

Manual Mode
If you use this manual mode then you need to set each confirmed position for the team yourself, so you can manually highlight a team as either Champion, Promoted or Relegated with those arrows showing next to them. You should only do this if they have been confirmed as Champion, Promoted or Relegated.

Note: Adding promotion and relegation zones will not automatically assign promoted and relegated teams to divisions in the following season. You will still need to assign teams manually.

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