Important: Your site will be scheduled for deletion if nobody has signed into it for 12 months and it has little or no web traffic to it. We send an email to the league administrators informing them about the scheduled deletion of the league.

How do I stop my website from being deleted?

To unschedule the deletion, go to My Account. If you are in the League Admin pages then click on the My Account link in the bottom of the side bar menu.

In My Account find your league in the list and click on the green button 'Cancel Site Deletion' to stop the site from being deleted.

Afterwards go into Admin Home for the league so it will be classed as someone recently signing in to it.

Often people setup more than one site when trying our system so it is worth checking the URL of the site in the email, it may be an unused test site.

If your site comes up then it is not scheduled for deletion.

If you go to your site and see a page like in the image below then it has been scheduled for deletion.

Can my site be recovered after its deleted?

Unfortunately we can not recover deleted league websites, we will need to create a new league website where you should be able to use the original sub-domain as long as no one else has used it in the mean time.

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