1/ You will need to be on the "Gold Package" or on a "Gold Trial" to be able to be able to use your own domain name e.g. www.your-league.co.uk

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the DNS provider to point to the LR servers, there is nothing LR can do to speed this up.

2/ Buy a domain name from a domain registration company. There are many available worldwide and you might want to chose a local company to you i.e. in your own country. Examples are https://www.fasthosts.co.uk/ for the UK and https://directnic.com/ for the US

A ballpark price for the domain name is £10 GBP per year approx.

You don't need to purchase a hosting package with them, you don't need that because because you will point to LR. 

LR doesn't provide an email service so if you want that then find a domain registration company that provides that service.

3/ The screens for all domain providers will be different but in our example we have a domain name your-league.co.uk

You will need to setup

a/ a CNAME record from www to b.leaguerepublic.com

This will enable www.your-league.co.uk to point to the LR servers

b/ Setup a web forward from your-league.co.uk to www.your-league.co.uk 

For fasthosts follow these instructions

Most domain providers don't allow you to setup a CNAME from the root, this is why we set it up for the subdomain www

4/ within advanced DNS, click on add a CNAME record

5/ enter hostname www and points to b.leaguerepublic.com

It is always b.leaguerepublic.com - don't enter the sub domain of your site

6/ with ADMIN HOME --> BILLING click on enter you domain name

7/ Enter your domain name in full starting www. and press update

8. Press make primary

9. When this domain name is working redirect secondary to primary

10. setup a web forward from http://your-league.co.uk/ to http://www.your-league.co.uk/ 

Fasthosts requires you to enter a no fee hosting package for this

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