You can run your league for free with LeagueRepublic.

We also have paid for plans, details can be seen here: 

Our plans Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold offer different levels of features.

Within our pricing the size of the plan, Small / Medium /Large / XL is based on the number of teams in divisions in your league.

The total team count is the highest number of teams in any one season in the last 12 months in divisions. 

We count the number of teams based on the number of teams you have in divisions (we don't count cups). If you have two divisions of 16 teams you will need a medium for example (limit is 25 for small).

For darts, pool, snooker leagues for example if you run singles divisions, where 1 player = 1 team, the limits are higher. If you had 12 divisions of 10 singles teams then you would need a medium (limit is 100 on small).

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