Using the template scheduler

If you are scheduling 6 teams using the template scheduler then the template scheduler will schedule all teams to play over 10 timeslots (often 10 weeks). 

All teams play in every timeslot.

In a later step of the template you can stagger matches e.g. by every hours, 2 every hour. The setting is by minutes so you can make 90 minutes or 1440 for 1 day. 

If you need to then you can make manual adjustments afterwards using the MASS UPDATE. 

mass update 

allows you to change times of selected matches e.g. from 7pm to 8pm or adjust the dates of matches by adding or removing a number of days e.g. -7 will bring forward selected matches by 1 week.

Using the advanced scheduler

Use the advanced scheduler. You should be able to manage via control over timeslots / venues / availability. the advanced scheduler will never double book a sub-venue

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