Player stats are part of the Bronze plan.

You can record the results of individual player's games within a match whether singles, doubles or triples.

Basic setup

To setup game formats go to:

Setup > Statistic Setup > Game Formats (tab)

Create a new one called "Game Format 1" for example, but you can name it whatever you want.

Then add a Game Group in there called 'Games', if you have 6 singles games, you enter 1 for "Number of players per team per game" and 6 for "Number of Games"

Enable Game Formats in order to enter data

Make the game format active, do this by going to the Game Formats settings:

Setup > Statistic Setup > Game Formats (tab) > settings (tab in the second tier)

then check the box labelled: Enable game entry from the results page

Create some players

Then if you do not already have players in the system, you will need to create players for the teams in:

People > List People > Players > create new

Enter the data from the result entry page

You can enter data for your Game Formats by clicking on "Enter Statistics" button in the Result entry page where you enter scores for matches.

You then enter Game Format scores like

John 2 Paul 1
Chris 1 tom 2

Win, loss, percentage gets calculated automatically from this but you can fine tune this in:
Setup > Statistic Setup > Game Formats (tab) > Settings (tab in the second tier)

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