Code snippets are part of the Gold plan.

Check out our video guide on how to use code snippets:

What are code snippets?

Code snippets allow you to display the following data from your league:

  • tables / standings

  • recent results

  • upcoming matches

in your own website outside of LeagueRepublic.

They are small pieces of HTML that you can paste into your own HTML pages.

Once generated they will automatically update the content within them without you having to change the code.

How to generate a code snippet:

In your LeagueRepublic league website menu, click on: Code Snippets

Having trouble finding this? Then check out this article: I can't find code snippets for my league

If you don't have a LeagueRepublic website yet or haven't started a Gold trial then create a code snippet from this league website to see them in action: 

Changing the look and feel of a code snippet.

Here is what a code snippet can look like:

Code snippet for table / standings

You can change the colour of your code snippets to better match your own website's look and feel when creating them. We recommend the option: white and light grey

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