All of the options for ranking plus the columns, column titles on the standings can be configured in:

Setup > Scoring System

You can setup as many scoring systems as you need and assign these to divisions / cups.

A few notes on each of the sections of this page:

1/ Points

Points are calculated from entered scores - in this example a score of 5-2 will give 6-2 in points.

2/ Ranking

In most of the options, standings are ranked first by points. Choose the ranking criteria here 

3/ Layout
These are the columns that will be shown on the standings table. You can hide any number of them and rename each.

Some leagues don't want to show points at all and this is fine - just hide the column. Note it will still be used to rank. If, for example, you rank on wins only, then set points to be wins by setting points to be 1 point for a win, rest of options zero. 

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