In addition to manually entering your schedule or uploading a schedule from a spreadsheet there are 2 schedulers you can use: the template scheduler and the advanced scheduler. 

In summary the template scheduler will take minutes to get through, the advanced scheduler will take much longer so give the template scheduler a go first. You can always make adjustments afterwards using the Manage Matches page.

Use the template scheduler when:

  • you are scheduling multiple divisions of the same size. (smaller divisions are scheduled over the same number of weeks as the larger division so the smaller division teams will get byes)
  • all teams play in every timeslot (you can spread matches over a single timeslot e.g. in 1 hour intervals using the template scheduler)
  • up to 24 teams per division
  • can be used with the Manage Matches page afterwards

Use the advanced scheduler when:

  • you are scheduling multiple divisions of different sizes
  • supports any size division
  • teams don't have to play in every timeslot
  • teams have different availability

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