We have solved the “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” tournament dilemma.

You can now create a LeagueRepublic tournament without knowing how many teams will join. You can create the structure before, during or after team registration.

Cup Summary is now called 'Rounds'

  1. The tabbed menu now has 4 menu items

  • Teams - this is where you add teams to the Cup and select which round they enter the Cup.

  • Rounds - this replaces  'Summary' - you can now see more information about your Cup such as  assigned teams and matches that have been created.

  • Matches - this is where you assign teams to ties and create matches in the system.

  • Settings - this is where you can change the name of the Cup and hide specific rounds.

2. Switch Cup 

  • This allows you to switch between Cups in the season.

3. Clear Cup Structure 

  • You can now clear the current set up of your Cup without removing any teams or deleting the Cup. 

  • All stages, rounds, matches and results if entered get deleted. You can then create the structure again.

4. Change how teams enter this round 

  • This allows you to quickly access the settings to change how a team progresses into the round from a previous round.

Entrants and Matches are now combined under 'Matches'

  1. Assign teams to ties

  • Select who plays who in the round

2. Change the date and times of selected matches

  • If a match hasn't been played then you can change its date and time.

3. Matches in a tie 

  • There can be multiple matches per 'tie', we called these 'legs'.

  • You can select matches and change their date and time using the date picker above or edit a match via the link.

4. Winner / Replay 

  • Manually set the winner of the tie or create an additional match within that tie such as a 'replay'.

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