What is a Stage?

A Stage is a collection of rounds within a Cup.

Stages can either be a complete group stage, e.g. one round within a Cup or a collection of rounds in a knockout cup.

A complicated example would be:

Stage 1 - 3 knockout rounds 1, 2, 3 advancing to group stages

Stage 2 - the group stage (round 4)

Stage 3 - the final 4 knockout (rounds - 5, 6, 7, 8).

What is a Round?

A round is a section of a Cup stage where teams will play each other to compete. 

A group stage can be a round in which entrants compete for a position in the standings.

In a round of a knockout cup teams will play each other once or twice and the winners / losers will advance in the Cup in different paths. 

In a semi final round for example the winners usually advance to the final.

What is a Tie?

A tie is the part of a round where entrants (teams) compete. 

In a quarter final round for example there should be four ties. 

In each of those ties 2 teams will compete in a single or multiple matches to identify a winner and loser. 

A tie in a group stage round is a single group stage,
e.g. Group A where 4 teams compete in 6 or 12 matches.

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